I am pleased to announce Ral9010NatSoc & Victory Or Valhall as Admins here at WTV, Both are trusted friends and Fair men of Honor and Loyalty. I will be adding in some Female moderators to help out with the women here at WTV very soon. I have heard murmurs of women being harassed and stalked here at WTV and I won't have it. Also I will be announcing a new platform soon as well as some rule changes here at WTV, Danke

announcement: secure networking group on wire

generation z? more like generation zyklon b! for real though, we need to stop kidding ourselves here, we can't just be online forever. we need to organize into something legitimate if we're going to b..

NO TALKING ABOUT DOING ILLEGAL SHIT. you want to break the (((law))) and oppose the (((system))) then that's fine, just shut the fuck up, especially online. breathe not a single word to anyone, just do it. I don't wanna hear at all about it. I don't wanna know all your fancy plans. you try blabbing your mouth in the wire chat about that shit and you will get blocked. this is a group seeking to coordinate and pool together skillsets and resources in order to provide much needed social services for destitute and disenfranchised whites in order to secure a network of community powerbases in North America and all over the world. this will be a Christian-only organization due to the necessity of religious unity needed for any revolutionary organization to work long-term.


Christian denominations allowed:

Radical Traditional Catholicism

Christian Identity (anti-yankee only)

anti-kike and pro-white protestantism

Orthodox Christianity

Positive Christianity (NSDAP)


"christian" denominations NOT allowed:

SDA/Jehova's witness (Hitler didn't allow them, why should we?)

judeo-christianity of any kind (kike worship)

pro-yankee CI (USA is Babylon, not the New Jerusalem)

any kind of anti-catholicism or otherwise divisive twisting of the Bible that is incompatible with any of the acceptable denominations


now with religious qualifications out of the way, members must be Fascist, European (Celtic, Mediterranean, Germanic, Slavic, as long as you're racially of 100% Euro stock, White is White) and be genuinely willing to do whatever it takes to achieve total White Victory both online and in person.


so are you ready White man? how much longer will you be satisfied with inaction? how much longer will you tolerate the (((beast))) that continues to blaspheme against our Lord and forcefully alienate our brothers and sisters in Faith, Folk, and Fatherland? what will it take for you to act by helping those truly in dire need? if you're ready, join us today on the wire app @3rdpositioncrusader


m4rquinh0 18 hours ago

As a genuine white European I'm having difficulties with: 'members must be Fascist'.
You lost me there, I'm 100% Dutch and both my parents are and their (grand)parents are. I'm really want to be there to take action preferably with a collective, but that's not what i want to be associated with.. Good luck though, all the best to you.

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Here_We_Go_Again 5 days ago

“Radical Traditional Catholicism”… huh?

Perhaps you meant “Latin Rite Roman Catholicism” ?

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IsraelIsChristian 10 days ago

I agree with everything in this. Nice

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Hatbox 10 days ago

Most Israelite life began in West Asia (Middle East). They migrated to Europe, so 100% European DNA not likely.

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IsraelIsChristian 10 days ago


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NiggiGoldsteinChan 10 days ago

Okay, I guess I can't join then.

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IsraelIsChristian 10 days ago

Plenty of nice ovens with space for you

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NiggiGoldsteinChan 8 days ago

@IsraelIsChristian: Okay Jewstian ; ).

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IsraelIsChristian 8 days ago


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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 7 days ago

I don't think your missing out , at the very best it will end up with a bunch of brain dead idiot Christians unaware they are laughably insane and will get as far as Christianity has gotten in total the past 3000 or so years , nowhere

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NiggiGoldsteinChan 7 days ago

@Peck Erwood: Someone should send Brian Ruhe this invitation XD.

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