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Word-for-word transcript of an email sent to a nasty jew.

Email to Crypto-Jew who said "F*** off"?  You are either a crypto-jew or a jew-cucked White Male, most likely born and raised in the "hippie" generation that destroyed America.  Judging from the state of dystopian misery, I would say that your "utopia" didn't quite materialize as planned, did it?  And no, it's not because of the "Nazi punks" or the "evil gop" OR any of the other bogeyment that you set up to take the fall for your own bad jewish ideas.  No.  It's because of YOU.  It's because you were a generation of worthless sell-outs, making the better ones among you look bad.  It's because you selfishly tore apart the entire culture because YOUR women didn't want to bake brownies and YOUR men didn't want to be well-groomed or uphold the values of the culture.  Nazis didn't make it unsafe to go out after dark -- YOU did, with your half-baked "one race" nonsense and all the untold misery that this misbegotten philosophy has brought forth.  Nazis didn't bring us to the point where parents are encouraged to mutilate their kids under the guise of "transgendered rights."  YOU did.  Nazis didn't make it fashionable to attack and slaughter Whites in their own cities, and then ignore this in favor of BLM attitudes and demands.  YOU did.  The "Nazi Punks" weren't then, and aren't now, the real enemies.  YOU are the real enemy, crypto-jew bastard!


RedLady 14 days ago

I've enjoyed most of your 'emails' to so and so's. This one is the exception only because you have denounced an entire generation and assigned blame to that generation for the ills of today. The words YOU and YOUR are used often enough in the email to suggest a sophomoric approach to whom should be blamed and for what. Every generation has left some degradation behind. I can't blame my parents' generation for the ills of the country, nor could they blame theirs and so on. To do so reduces or even eliminates the responsibility to perform even better than the generation before. Perhaps condemnation of an entire generation gives us a way out of that responsibility.

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GottMitUns 15 days ago

I really doubt by looking at him that he is white at all.

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DTGKSonofGod 14 days ago

I agree !

It has all the muzzle characteristics of a fake ass jew !

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Hatbox 15 days ago

Umm, you don't think the current young generation of "Americans" have anything to do with its destruction? Think again. They're the one's getting jabbed, hooking up with shut skins, transgendering, opting for homosexuality, are godless, and who aren't doing a damn thing to try and stop the onslaught of communism despite being young and more able bodied than the rest of the population.

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GottMitUns 15 days ago (edited)

You are correct but I think what he is trying to say is that this "generation" is the direct result of "you" letting it happen. Of course not every one but the ones like him. I might be mistaken however.

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LERTWAMMY 15 days ago

That is true, but I think that the hippie generation set the groundwork for the type of behavior that you have described herein.

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