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Hidden civilization of Tartaria

Old world civilization dominated, and genocides by the Satanic Jew elites

*Not taught in public schooling*


HanssFKGunther 9 days ago

Those were Scythians and their predecessors.

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HanssFKGunther 9 days ago

The land of 'Tartaria' recorded in old maps is a reference to the Mongols and Tartars, whom at times were confused with Scythians and Alani. The bible's mention of Apocalyptic horsemen is a reference to these Aryans; first of all it was the Cimmerians who laid waste to the Assyrian empire in the 8th century AD and the Scythians who repulsed Achaemenid invaders in the 6th century AD and Darius I was slayed in battle.

Alani is a colloquialized pronunciation of “Iran’/Aryan”.

"Nearly all the Alani (Sarmatians) are men of great stature and beauty, their hair is somewhat yellow, their eyes are frighteningly fierce."
— Ammianus Marcellinus

People on here have a tendency to confuse them with Hebrews.

However what little code of ethics they had was completely different, and likely offensive to the Scythians and virtually any other group of Whites.

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