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Military Deployment US Border

False Flag Warning/ Communist Traps

The US military is deploying to the US border in mass. This is odd as the jew controlled goverment has facilitated this migration. Using migrants as a slave labor, profiting from transportation of migrants and forcing them to vote fradulently for communist politicians. This slave profiteering has been a jew staple for hundreds of years. It is a theme of communism to enslave citizens and the jews not coincidentally believe the world should be their slaves. 

This military movement is not about migrants. The jews aren't concerned at all about stoping this. The purpose of using the military at the border is to prevent people in America from leaving. We all know the jews want a coup in America. It is very likely this manever is to trap fleeing citizens escaping disasters they have planned in America to justify martial law to establish attempt a gov. coup. Thus this military manever signals some major disasters are likely imminent.

The jews have made major mistakes towards these designs but seems are still pressing foreward regardless of tactical dispositions. Given these designs are popularly known and not acceptable to the masses it will likely not go well yet the effects of this will be huge. The resulting list of problems will occur

•All utility's will stop

•Leveraging basic needs for political power to push communism

•Civil War

• Invasions of Tiawan and surrounding pacific islands by China/ world war

• jewish controlled internment camps housing namely Christians/muslims

It is very likely this plan will backfire on the jews internationally and bring a condemnation they can't easily recover from long term althought it may yield short term results for 10-20 years. The backlash will be irreversable and in such high numbers it can't be contained.

Example A: Jew controlled federal reserve bills with disasters printed. Mr Kleck is a shill but the bill info is good.


exposethejeugenda 18 days ago

dont believe anything....other than - jews are demonic spawn capable of any depraved evil

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IsraelIsChristian2 22 days ago

Video of marines engaged in fighting at border. This will be the response people trying to escape America face. The militarized border is not for illegals its to keep in Americans!

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IsraelIsChristian2 22 days ago

Video of marines engaging cartel at border

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Hatbox 26 days ago

How do you know this? What proof is there?

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