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Rabbi Explains How Jews ‘Made A Mint’ Off European Wars And ‘Back Stabbed’ Their Countries In The Process

A video recently posted on Bitchute features an unidentified rabbi explaining to his congregation how Jews made all the wars in Europe possible by controlling the supply chain for the raw and manufactured goods necessary to wage war — and became enriched by doing so.


At one point in his talk, he slips up and admits that the Jews “back stabbed” their clients while engaging in this shady business as middlemen — tries to recover by quickly correcting himself — but he clearly was thinking about how Jews are infamous for “backstabbing” in business transactions — although when it happens to themselves, they call it “economic genocide.”


It’s no wonder that both Henry Ford and Joseph Goebbels observed, “Jews produce nothing.”


There’s an old Jewish saying, “I can get it for you wholesale” — in fact, it’s so much part of Yiddish culture that they made a Broadway play about it — featuring a best-forgotten, banal song aptly titled, “What’s In It For Me?“


This rabbi reveals to his congregation the secret of Jewish success — how Jews have always managed to avoid working for a living by exploiting the labor of others — ironically, the Jews largely comprised the “bourgeoisie” — the exploitative middlemen who controlled the means of production — which the communists targeted for elimination, thereby controlling both sides of the false communist-capitalist dialectic.


And it’s significant that this talk takes place in a synagogue — supposedly a place of Jewish worship. A synagogue is where Jews traditionally get together to network and do business — and worship Mammon, their true god.


The rabbi wants all Jews in the synagogue to know how they — and their ancestors — have all materially benefitted from being part of this international network — this kosher mafia financed by international bankers— and if they step out of line and become a “moser” who exposes this “international brotherhood” — this Judeo-Masonic conspiracy — they might actually have to — “God forbid!” — work for a living like the goyische “schlubs.”


Here’s a transcript of the rabbi’s talk — and we’d emedded the video below in case it gets removed from Bitchute:


How does somebody supply the army? How do you actually come up with 120,000 meals a day? How do you come up with 100,000 bullets…and a quarter million canon balls? How do you do that? Here comes Poland. “I need so many meals a day — a lot of grain and fodder for the horses. So I’m living in Germany, but I have a cousin who lives near the Polish border, and he has a friend who has a cousin who lives in Poland. That guy works for Kampotusky — the other one works for Kowchardarysky — and they’ve got lots of grain.


And it’s a matter of business….if the numbers work out — supply and demand — and if you tell this cousin, who tells Shmerl, who tells ‘I want to buy every piece of grain in this province now for this season. And tell your other friends over there, Mordachai, Shmordachai, and Kordachai….that they should buy up all the grain over there because we have a market for you. The market is the King of France, or the King of Sardinia, of the Grand Duke of Baden, or something like that.


See? And same thing when it comes to making iron. Here’s where the iron ore is, and there’s a place in Germany where they manufacture it, but I know Ira Friedman has all the contacts with the iron ore people, and Shmel Friedman has all the contacts with the German people, and then it’s got to be transported over here, and that’s how they did it.


It sounds like I”m making fun of it, but it’s really remarkable that all these military campaigns were supplied and run by Jews. That’s what they call the [Hooks Union??] — and it’s all back stabbed — backstopped by these Polish guys who can deliver their material, their goods. I’ve got great news, there’s a war in Italy. That means — you remember all those extra fields we didn’t know what to do with? You sell it all for top dollar. You know that extra forest we didn’t know what to do with? Now we make a mint because the queen of England is having a war with the King of France, and the Navy is going to build a…and the wood you have is good wood, and so forth. This is how life is done once upon a time.

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