💥💥💥the right to remain silent - your most powerful tool!!

Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.

(plus a tip on when to speak!)

this is gold for all of us ‘new’ to being ‘criminals’
⁣Puretrauma357🇯🇲 bc mirror

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BeyondInfinity 10 days ago

LOL, that works if the Judges, Courts, Cops, Prisons etc would know the Real Base of Laws.
They don´t, its simply Tyranny by Being Stupid Orderfollowers, with Gun Power.
Try to Find a Court who upholds these Old Laws of the Land. Its Gone.

They will only change the Mafia way, By fear for their Lifes. All Else is Gone, even if on Paper.

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