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⁣...And it's too late baby now it's too late

Published on 22 Jun 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

Mail Online (
Shattered wife relives the horrific moment her fit husband, 35, dropped dead in front of her from a condition linked to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome - and shares the ONE test that could have saved him
Bec Barry's world shattered when the loving, fit and healthy dad of two suddenly went silent. He was stood motionless, staring blankly.......

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MountainMan 3 days ago

Narcissistic hoe

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WAXX 4 days ago

Well, I ................feel.......................nothing! You were warned, now pay the piper.

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Wordsoftruth1488 4 days ago

At the end of the video her reaction seems very off, I don't know why, I watched it twice and then a third and I just don't feel like she has the correct reaction? Was this her husband? Because I would not be able to stop myself from sobbing every couple of minutes. Maybe it's just me, but she seems off.

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Konrad 4 days ago

I never trust these types. There is something off about her speech and forced emotions.

Why do they always film in vertical?

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Trivium_Supremacy 4 days ago

@Konrad: fucking tik tok. These people just don't seem real by default. It's probably not an act but..

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Wordsoftruth1488 3 days ago

@Konrad: Lol, there really is something off about all of them, their emotions are not right, they are fake, and forced, it's really sick to watch. I don't understand the vertical angle either, literally everything they do is beyond me.

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IsraelIsChristian 4 days ago

If people advocating population control threw vaccinations force everyone to take them and you do then you’re a plain idiot

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UninformedConsent 5 days ago

They had access to the same information as me. If they bothered to research it thing's might have turned out different.

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SeekinYah 4 days ago

Caveat injectee!

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