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⁣Cardi B Explains Levels Of Tricking & Hoeing

Published on 09 May 2022 / In Satanic Music Industry

⁣Cardi B Explains Levels Of Tricking & Hoeing

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RedLady 12 days ago

Damn, I understood about 1/3 of what she said. And people pay money to hear her? Societies youth get dumber and dumber.

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Bill 12 days ago

Say what

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nonstopwarfare 12 days ago

Not a word, literally couldn't understand one word, that's a geezer all day long, look at the length of the arms and the aggressive attitude is male.

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TinyCow 12 days ago

i heard the word "nigger"; though a picture speaks a thousand words.

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matjaz 12 days ago

Niggers are a demonic subhuman slave race. They seem to deteriorate, quite quickly if they are left unattended and on their own.

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SlowBurnTM 13 days ago

I saw a video of her without any makeup. She is one fugly sheboon. But I repeat myself...

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