⁣Chinese women go for foreign men

Published on 19 Nov 2022 / In White Replacement

⁣Chinese women go for foreign men

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CelticHeart 16 days ago

I have no issue with what he said. It's a sign of how sick the West has become that we cannot say those things here.

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wnc817 16 days ago

Yeah, go protect your homeland from the kike ccp. Or keep getting your anal swab, little guy.

Especially blacks, he says, because White DNA is an upgrade for them.

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totenchopf 16 days ago

Hey man I s bee blasian and sheeet

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questeritorte 16 days ago

Filthy Chinese racists...

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Hatbox 17 days ago

Don't the Chinese outnumber everyone else on earth? I don't think they're in imminent danger of decline. They're the one's who have been killing female offspring. I agree with him about marrying your own kind. Whites should do this too. Asian women to me seem slutty and kind of creepy. I'm not sure how men get past the strange language they speak.

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WhiteMan55 8 days ago

I'm 67 and grew up in the intercity of a large city in a Mid-Atlantic state. Growing up I remember hearing some of the older niggers stating all should marry and stick with their own kind. Unlike today's young niggers and whites especially have been brainwashed by way of the kike owned institutions; media, entertainment and education to race mix. Jews like the race mixing for a few reasons; they are the most mongrelized group on the planet, and also as part of their plan to genocide the white race.
Of course I don't consider niggers a race, but a sub species of animals.

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