⁣Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook, COO

Published on 12 Apr 2022 / In Censorship

⁣Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook, COO

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Desertdueler 17 days ago

Kikes need to fuck off out of nations they parasite from, or be genocided. The world is tired of these vermin.

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Scoops 1 month ago

Uggh. Murderers

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Schmetterling 1 month ago (edited)

The turn speak on this liar is unbelievable. You fled Russia to export your Bolshevism (funded by Jewish New York Bankers and the illegally installed Jewish run FED) to America and the West after your 75% Jewish Checka slaughtered the Tzar, his family and millions upon millions of White Russian Christians and three Holodomors especially Ukraine. It’s always what others do to the Jews NEVER what they did to the non Jews to get push back. You flood black and brown into our WHITE nations to rape, torture and murder us and wonder why there is anti Semitic push back and racism? We SEE you!

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RossdeB 1 month ago

Disengage from FB, Twitter & JouTube

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Zenith26 1 month ago

Where's my vomit bucket? Horse's arse faced mutt.

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