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⁣The Fakest Event Scene of All Time "The Bloodbath in Brussels" by QoC

Published on 11 May 2022 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

⁣⁣3rd comment down "⁣Five guys (if I counted correctly) with hairless spots just where the kippah would be…must’ve been a slow day at the diamond exchange for all those jews to work their asses off helping victims of terrorism?"

The Fakest Event Scene of All Time by QoC (MIRROR)

"⁣As long as my old iMac still boots up, I will continue to share some of the old gems I find on it. Sure, most of us are way past this kind of “analysis,” and it is a screen exercise, but there are all sorts of people here who weren’t with us in 2016. As usual, my video evolved into one where I start making fun of the idiocracy. What made the news that day was SO DUMB, we have to laugh at it. Only “Chris Herst” could rival this joke. The 2016 Brussels Belgium Airport Bombing is perhaps the most absurd, fakest news story….. ever presented… (and that’s saying something, considering all the BS we’ve been witness to since 2001.)"



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nonstopwarfare 8 days ago

lol it's so rubbish

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nimblehorse 8 days ago

: D

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