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✡ Hebrew God of the Bible ✡

Published on 16 Sep 2022 / In Bible / Sermons

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Christkike Laura Loomer says “I will fight for Christian Nationalism”:
⁣⁣Marcus Eli Ravage explains how Judeo-Christianity conquered Pagan Europe:
⁣The Age of Reason and The Oera Linda Book:

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mikaowx3 9 days ago (edited)

For the judaized this verse is one of the bases to evil behaviour. isaiah 45.7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil, I the Lord do all these things.

The god of the tribe also uses evil to reach it's goals. Thus anything is justified when the oneness of the tribe aspires to do it because as they say god is one (oneness, unity) and we non jews are not part of this club.From their esoterics it is evident he uses good among the tribe and evil among the gentiles. The entire of judaism relies on this principle.
He commands the israelites to lend to other nations on interest forbids to lend on interest between the israelites to be able to "possess the land they enter" "to rule over nations and never be ruled by any"
Forbids through abraham to sacrifice their own children. From the estoreic; abraham had to replace Isaac with a goat. A goat is sacrificed at yom kippur to satan who tot he jews is the "guardian of the gentiles" Sama-el (the blindness of god) or Azaz-el (the wrath of god). that goat has to be killed for the israelites. Before they do they transfer the sins of the israelites onto that goat. (that is the scapegoat) since it is pushed off a cliff. That goat is to bribe Samael to accuse the gentiles for the sins of israel thus "blind". Since jews refer to us as cattle the goat represents the goat sacrificed by abraham. The conclusion: it is not forbidden to sacrifice non israelites. The commandment says: do not sacrifice YOUR OWN. So they are lying when accused to sacrifice goys they always come up with this "it is forbidden since abraham".

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Trivium_Supremacy 9 days ago (edited)

By Constantine treating Arian/Aryan subordinationism (an almost tolerable form of Jewdeo-Christinsanity) with a heavy helping of Genocide (Emperor Justinian declared war on the Ostragoths, followed by the Jews leading the Muslim Moors across the strait of Gibralter to conquer the Visigoths in the subsequent centuries), and by making Trinitarianism the basis for all future Christian denominations (Council of Nicea), the Jewish Church and Crown has perfected total mind control over the Aryan race. Here are several videos on the topic:

St. Nick is praised for punching Arius in the face like the savage nigger that he is and is believed by Christian dupes to be Father Christmas. But of course everyone with a brain knows that Christmas is but a Christianization of the Germanic Juletide tradition:

There are many binaries in nature, e.g. Teacher and Student, the State and the People, Male and Female, God and man etc. It is consistent with our natural, biological ethos as a race to bring these binaries into consonance with each other, rather than mixing them together. That idea is the crux of Fascism and National Socialist philosopy. It is rooted as a HUMANIST movement, based on the Deist enlightenment era and the CLASSICAL Trivium education system, which was removed with the advent of the Rothschilds federal reserve act, the Meningitis experiment and WW1 and replaced with Cultural Marxism/"TRADITIONAL" education at the turn of the century. Luckily, despite the following economic depression that pervaded the whole of Europe from these events, Hitler saw what was happening and turned everything around in Germany for the next 12 years, following 1933.

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Lt_Bonaparte 10 days ago

And the biggest punchline is
Those who took that semitic bait will tell
That it build aryan civilizations despite the obvious error in chronology and archeology

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Trivium_Supremacy 10 days ago

Then compare that to how tha Arian Goths were treated, despite the Goths defending Rome and Europe for literally 4 centuries and made them prosper like no other:
Romans 15:27:
"For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings."
- Give all your money to Israel.
Romans 13:
"Submit to (((the governing authorities)))...give to them what you owe to them: taxes, respect, fear and honor."

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Trivium_Supremacy 9 days ago

We can't forget how the Jews genocided the Visigoths by allowing the Muslim Moors to cross the strait of gibralter, giving them intel so they would proceed to conquer all of Spain and half of France....FFS. I have more reasons than I can count to depise Christianity.

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Lt_Bonaparte 5 days ago

>Then compare that to how tha Arian Goths were treated, despite the Goths defending Rome and Europe for literally 4 centuries and made them prosper like no other

Not only goths, celts and vikings but also slavs and more particulary the case of the great moravia and present cyrilic
Whole language destroyed and sterilizied for greek/macedonian artificial language to speed up conversions since swords were innefective
Whole history of glory and mystery put behind lock waiting for hundreds of years to come out of light to the mere rubble of what was once an suicidaly brave and stubborn aryan ethnicity
In case of great moravia a around 900 years of hungarian rule and replacement attempt of ethnicity with later difficult times of ottoman invasion from balkans
Symbols buried from us, legends hidden from us, culture plagiarized
Zions roots of usury blooming and poisoning
And spitted to face mockery that the slav was illeterate before conversions

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