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...⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣.more kindling for the fire #46 - This is who’s teaching young kids.

Published on 27 Jan 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

...those fooking eyes ,,,this one is a serial killer. ⁣The teacher was reportedly escorted out of the building today when the principal was made aware of this video.

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Allophylian 7 months ago

You're such an ugly pussy - I bet your mum doesn't even love you.
That's why you're looking for love from men. Didn't Daddy love you?
Put a tampon up your ass till you find a boyfriend. The time's gonna
come soon when you'll be hiding in your toilet - that's when we'll come
looking for you - pedo

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eric_blood 8 months ago

This faggit is gonna get knocked on it's ass!
Heil Hitler!

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vanillaexplosion 8 months ago

No that faggot is going to pass out with five masks on.

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nimblehorse 8 months ago

this guy needs a mask, an Iron Mask, riveted on permanently !

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Allophylian 8 months ago

Sorry people but his generation is woeful

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UncleSemantic 8 months ago

I hope all of you parents see what nauseating freaks, faggots and criminals are “teaching” your kids in these school-prisons. Keeping them enrolled nowadays is just child abuse. Plain and simple. And you’re a stupid bastard for wasting tens of thousands for your kid to be infected with this gender-bender bullshit and assaulted because their white. All whites everywhere better started despising your destroyers as much as they despise you. Wake the fuck up amerika. Wake the fuck up.

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