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⁣Buzz aldrin to kid, we haven't been to the moon

Published on 08 Feb 2022 / In Conspiracies

-reupload since the other upload wont play anymore for some reason.
⁣Buzz Aldrin, the man who supposedly was on the moon, admitting to a 7 year old child they never went to the moon.

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happyapple4 3 months ago

The "race to the moon" was a show between the USA and Russia. Probably to just complete another download of Freemasonic USA government mind programming and control and a psy-op on the Americans. Russian government in on it as they all work together as an international criminal cabal. This is how they control us. All the money spent on a fake aluminum foil space craft from Toys R' Us bought for billions of American people's hard earned money. What bastards they are. Bastards.

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frogman 9 months ago

Mortals cannot venture to Alfheim ( the moon )

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twistedjoker 10 months ago

I always wonder if we went to the moon why no one was able to get back their and why their is so many problems trying to get back to space

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exposethejeugenda 9 months ago

yeah not too long ago they said they couldn't get through the van allen belt......hmmmm but they did the first time? right? lol

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Deemax 10 months ago (edited)

He should've done the honorable thing and told the truth to the world.

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