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⁣..compilation of things to make you mostly go "oh do fook off" #460

Published on 29 Sep 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣obviously fuck unconditional love and acceptance bollocks at the end..compilation of things to make you mostly go "oh do fook off" #460

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Bond0077 2 months ago

04:25 William the Uncircumcised, lol. Why can't we make that happen Q?

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questeritorte 2 months ago

I never settle for anything but first class passenger status.

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heeed 2 months ago

can anyone post the link to the new site please as i deleted the post,thanks in advance,the .com one ta

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JudgementIsComing 2 months ago

favorite part for me was the dog and the bird and then the pupps and the bird. good stuff.

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Canuck Down Under
Canuck Down Under 2 months ago

Another solid collection. Thanks for putting that reveal in about the new Italian "Fascist" LOL! Only suggests more the possibility that Jews were behind the Nazis and even many of them, and they with their Freemason pals in UK, USA and USSR manufactured WW2. Chaos agenda is alive and well.

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