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⁣Eugene 'Bull' Connor for Segregation

Published on 02 Mar 2023 / In History

⁣Eugene 'Bull' Connor talks about Segregation, 1960s - Film 1099231
⁣Civil Rights in the U.S.A. Birmingham, Alabama. Eugene Bull Connor. Eugene "Bull" Connor is giving a speech saying that you've got to keep the whites and the blacks separate. Appeal to white audience not to get involved, but to leave things to the authorities. This way the Washington authorities will not be able to interfere and 'we can beat them at their own game'.

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exposethejeugenda 26 days ago

what America once was and even then it was deteriorating.....JWO at's important to remember our roots and the truth which is that there is no equality in nature...It does not exist and the races are different. We must segregate

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