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⁣Hitler's Stealth Fighter - Horten Ho 229

Published on 13 Aug 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣⁣Hitler's Stealth Fighter - Horten Ho 229

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Terrarium Firma
Terrarium Firma 1 month ago

Theres a lot of armchair experts, particularly making youtube comments, who will insist this was not a stealth aircraft. They are either idiots or liers. Reimar Horten was interviewed for a book by a man called Myrah and he said that they did develop a radar absorbent paint for this aircraft. And furthermore, Northrop made a replica Ho229 and tested the shape for stealth properties, just the shape without any stealth paint, and it had a low radar signature.

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Arthur the Wise
Arthur the Wise 2 months ago

Hello, sir. Your video is really well-made and made me interested in this wonderful plane. I have just made a short video about it, inspired by your video. If you like you can check it out on my channel. :)

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PrussianEmpress 2 months ago

Love it!

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Here_We_Go_Again 2 months ago

Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe! 👍🏻

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