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⁣Italian intelligence agencies worldwide knew 911 was an Israeli Mossad operation...

Published on 11 Sep 2022 / In 911

...with US agencies headed by dual US/Israeli citizens in key government positions. 911 was a US inside job executed by Jews. It was a Jewish attack as was the attack on the USS Liberty.

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R1Nation 3 months ago

After the second World War the combined wealth of all the empires of Europe and Japan became the property of Wall Street. This is because each country could not afford to manage them and because of the lend lease agreement. They specified that each country had to be granted independence as soon as it asked for it.

The plan for the new American century meant they wanted to do the same and take over the remaining part of the planet.

From such a position of wealth and for the opportunity for such wealth this more than justifies a false flag Like the attacks on New York

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questeritorte 7 months ago

America's own government uses jews to kill them. Remember that next time they tell you how much you owe them in taxes. You are paying them for your own destruction.

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TinyCow 7 months ago

anyone who knows how the kikes operate immediately knew, and know it was them. no documentation or investigation needed.

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DTGKSonofGod 7 months ago

I knew it , 15 minutes after i received confirmation on both towers being hit by planes and after the first tower collapsed .

I was at work that day and everyone on the job site :{ construction site }: were congregating by my foremans pickup truck .

I knew something was going on that was real bad because the contractor i was working for , would have never allowed us to stop working until our morning break , which was at 10:00am.

Everyone :{ 15-20 workers }: was standing by the truck , so i stopped my machine and inquired about what the hell was going on !!

They told me a plane hit the WTC .

After standing there for several minutes , word came thru from other sources , that the 2nd plane hit !

The foreman then had everyone go back to work until lunch time :{ 12:00pm }:

At lunch , we all learned that both towers had collapsed and building 7 too !

I was telling everyone there , that it was the fake ass jews that did it !

One guy couldn't believe what i said and he quickly dialed his phone , and told someone what i said , while looking at me , like i was the criminal mastermind of the attack !

I am sure it was a freemason because the union i belonged to was full of them .

Their allegiance is to their fake ass jew kingpins :{ freemasonry = judaism = satanism = zionism = communism }: not our bill of rights - constitution and mosaic legal system .

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