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'Awkward Little Christmas' -- by EricPetersAutos

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Published on 20 Dec 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣The website EricPetersAutos.com very recently posted an article titled “Have Yourself an Awkward Little Christmas.”

I recommend reading this website of Eric Peters, not for top truth, but for news and politics related to our car culture and for his opposition to some of the government-and-media lies, including the false “pandemic,” the poison jabs, the absurdity of masks, and the wrongful demonization of carbon-dioxide. Also, he rightly opposes the long parade of government edicts illegally dictating what car manufacturers can make and what we can buy.

My comment in reply to his article is what I feature in this short video, serving as an appetizer, a set-up, for my intended next video, which will tackle Eric Peters’ Libertarianism and his still-mistaken position on Adolf Hitler and his government. If possible, I hope to influence Mr. Peters and many of his readers and commenters.

These activities we do while we wait, and wait, and wait. You know what we’re waiting for.

My website and its remarkable CREDENTIALS Page, ABOUT Page, and BOOKS+ Page, is at

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