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'Our Country Going To Hell'

Published on 09 Aug 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

A 100 year old veteran of WWII speaks the truth.

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LeniRiefenstahl 18 days ago

Nod. You should've all listened to us Germans!

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Not German, but I agree wholeheartedly.
We turned on our noble and justifiably proud Teutonic Cousins for the sake of the vilest of the vile, the merchant Jews of Nimrod.
It took me a long time as the son of a father who fought both German and Japanese to not want to vomit at the thought of what we had been fooled into believing.
Here is Churchill and Edward VII using the secret Freemason handshake upon meeting. Freemasonry is the civilian front of Judaism. Have a guess who occupies around the 33 Mason level? There isn't many foreskins left up there in those dizzying heights.

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HereAmI 9 months ago

You went to hell in a handbasket when you attacked the only man who stood against the jewish plague - so stop complaining.
This is what you fought and died for - free abortions for all, a transgender agenda, and massive infiltration of your entire nation by JEWS.

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Carl Dekle is this man's name, born in 1922 he enlisted into the US Marine Corps in 1940. After a brief deployment to Guantanamo it appears that he was then re-deployed to The Pacific Theatre, principally to British Samoa to serve in a machine gun company, and did not serve in The European Theatre. I have no idea if he served in any later conflicts such as the Korean War but it's possible.

When asked to clarify these comments he went off onto some spiel about the perceived dangers of "Socialism", the recent spate of mainly White Nationalist mass shootings, the occupation of the US Congress building by Trump supporters on January 6th 2021, and how everyone needs to embrace the Christian religion. He died just weeks after doing this interview, and approximately 2 months after his 100th birthday. It might have been August 10th of this year though I cannot say for sure.

I can't find any comments he made about The West's or America's racial demographic downfall, so either he was saying it without saying it in which case he was a coward, or he didn't give it too much thought instead choosing to write all the negative changes in America's recent social history off as merely the result of a lack of "values" or whatever, in which case he was a fool.

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HereAmI 9 months ago


I don't blame this man for doing what he did - he would not have realised the utter corruption at the heart of all the so called "Allied" governments; and their ruthless marshalling of Edward Bernays' work in unleashing jewish propaganda on the masses of which he was a part.
I am aware that it is only since the advent of the internet that the average man or woman has had even an inkling of the level of deception that has knowingly and utterly cynically been deployed against Joe and Jane Average - in his place, I would probably have had all the same ideas and delusions.

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@TheWesternCivilizationLibrary: To be a fool all one has to be is fooled. How many of us as children of these soldiers BELIEVED the holocaust because teachers told us and there was not alternative. We were fooled. It is continuing to be fooled, or remaining wilfully ignorant which makes one a fool. The world today is full of such people. They denounce Christianity knowing nothing of why it survived so long. They denounce family preferring vegetarian cats. They denounce men and thereby make themselves vulnerable by having no defence. They denounce white men and then lament at death and diseases and brutalilty at the hands of niggers.
There is plenty of 'fool' to go around. I don't denounce Patton's heroism because he only woke up to the Jew months before they killed him. The greatest fool believes that we have no creator and we were all niggers when we began by colliding atoms on a speck of nothingness. It won't be hard to reveal that foolishness, but for the purposes of the rise of evil, it must remain hidden.
If everyone could see a God on a throne, only a fool would sin. But that would just mean that everyone is in fact a coward. How would anyone find a good man in such a crowd?
Our current world seems to be separating sheep from goats quite well funnily enough.
A wise men is careful where he scoffs because he know he could be wrong.
He's an old man who has since met his maker and has given his account. I hope he wasn't too sad when he finally understood.

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@HereAmI: Well said HereAmI. If we know better, we would generally do better.
This is something the Jew knows only too well about us, their ancient enemy the European man.

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