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'Russia vs Ukraine or Civil War in The West?' by Jordan Peterson (2022)

Published on 19 Jul 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Dr Jordan B Peterson lists the reasons why we're seeing an extended conflict in Ukraine, and explains why a culture war in the West has fueled the Russian fire.

0:00 Russia Vs. Ukraine Or Civil War In The West?
9:04 The Caspian Sea
20:12 Does qualification even matter?
38:30 The Consequences

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Habsfan16 4 months ago

I had a hope that this guy would not be full of shit. But unfortunately he is like all the other jews. When people start attacking a jew for being a jew, they pretend to be against jews. They are all the same dirty lying rats.

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nimblehorse 7 months ago

this fool has zero credibility

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shane127 7 months ago

hes a jew shill weirdo

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hombre80 6 months ago

Yes agreed. Very suprised this channel has uploaded this anti-White, marxist, globalist, jew-nut-licking, drug addict shill. Very disappointing to see him being promoted on this website.

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