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'We Lost Everything'

Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣⁣"I'm a Rhodesian, we've already done this."

De Klerk's "reconciliation" policy has resulted in the very violence he wanted to avoid in the first place. By politically disarming the White population he only delayed the inevitable confrontation.

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ARYAN VIKING 12 days ago

I wonder what African Black name they will rename America with. They been taking our guns and freedom with their police and nobody but the police all my life but giving the other races everything they take from us.

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Bill 13 days ago

Why don't you grab your balls, stand up, grasp your sword and kill them that would subjugate you ?

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Freedom 13 days ago

Whites simply will not wake up to forming their own white societies like Orania's

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