1/10th 4WD Off-Road Rear Differential Assembly Animation

Published on 14 Mar 2022 / In Cars & Vehicles

I am going to make a video explaining what this is all about. This is just the computer animation.

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jooton 2 months ago

very impressive work, wish I could comment in more detail but I am an a control systems engineer and so this is not really my area electrical/electronic/programming engineering are my areas but I can still appreciate your work as an engineer :) it's such a shame you are not able to put all this talent to use out side of your hobby, I understand why you stopped working from one of your previous videos were you mention that you noticed that you cannot use your skills with out becoming apart of the problem due to how the current system works. that also made me think about my role I want to create things that benefit us I got into engineering because I have a love for technology and I also had good feelings regarding the line of work it seemed like a nodal line of work were you are making things better. but unfortunately that is not the case the kinds of things I am currently working on while can be used for good when in the hands of good people can also be used for evil by yids and traitors alike. its a sad world be live in where you can use nuclear reactions to keep people warm in there homes or use it to level entire cities. what are we too do.

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