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🇮🇱💰1 Criminal Leaves; Another Takes Place: "Meet Israel’s Likely New Prime Minister" (By: The Mehdi Hasan Show)

Published on 05 Jun 2021 / In Israel / Zionism

Hey, everyone.
I came across this, while looking for updates on Palestine/Israel; and figured id share with you all. Looks like 1 criminal is soon leaving, and yet Another criminal, is going to take office...?
What are your thoughts on this?? much you wana bet, this "Bennett" character has a PRIVATE BANK somewhere.......?

Original link: ⁣

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Bill 3 months ago

I think he need a 16p nail to hold that yalmuka on. Maybe some lag bolts.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

The jew was never promised the land of Canaan.
He is an Edomite a Canaanite and a Khazar.
He is a member of "The people against whom YHVH hath indignation for ever."

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Bill 4 months ago

Of course he hates non jews, what jew doesn't ?

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