11-10-22 All Day

Published on 11 Nov 2022 / In Pets & Animals

I had a full day yesterday of going places and recording video for thought discussions about a wide range of topics. It is just so good to have a voice in todays society. Usually what people see of us is a Jew in a TV movie portraying a false character while promoting belief in a lie he created against our race. Thereafter the simple pleasures of everyday life coupled with continued ability to persevere through the worst kinds of hatreds is covered up so that no one sees our real suffering. I remember seeing an old man cry every day in prison because he was there for Life for a crime he didn't commit; I remember seeing my cell partner eating a spoon of mayonaisse once and thinking that represented for the pitiful existence we lived there. Having lived through the most vile places our authorities have for their hatreds of our race I hope to pass on something before my time ends that can help others whom are struggling.

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