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11 ACH (1585) Dr. Lorraine Day – The Deliberate Destruction Of America And The World #11 - August-20

Published on 25 Aug 2021 / In Conspiracies

⁣Doctor Lorraine Day Summarizes Section-11:
Jews WANT to KILL You ... The "vaccination"
... is a POISON-DEATH-Injection: KILL-Shot!

Also RECOMMENDED: The Myth of German Villainy:

I WANTED to Mirror These ... but I WAITED: For the FINAL-Part-8 ...
Not Realizing that YouTube had DELETED it Before we could See it!

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jbl .
jbl . 10 months ago

Hi, NotBergStein! Ahh, Dr. Day. I did one interview with her, which I did because of her greatness in naming jews -- including crypto-jews -- and because of her medical expertise. After she put out her new book, I was tempted to invite her to another interview, but I just couldn't stomach the idea of putting up with her christ-insanity again. She is very good at seeing through many of the jews' monstrous criminal hoaxes, yet she still can't see through their biggest hoax of known history. Sad. So, her solution against the jews is for us to "get right with god" -- only her kind of right -- instead of killing the enemy. Dumb. Thus, jewry wins again. My maxim on this is: "On The Railroad Track Of Truth, Belief Is The First Step Off The Rails."
Glad you're on WorldTruthVideos!

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NotBergStein 10 months ago

"Christianity" is a BIG, and "button-Pushing" Topic! ;-)

Dr. Lorraine Day is indeed GREAT at "naming"-the-jew !!! :-)
--> And, it is THEN: Not very Difficult for Folks to PUT-the-Other-"Pieces"-together ... at WHAT: MUST Now thus be "DONE"! :-)

I am Fortunate, in that Decades ago: I Firmly-Resolved: That I DIDN'T want to be Subjected to: "Middleman"-CULT-Manipulations ... of ANY-Sort! -- And thus, Looking at: Organised-"Christianity": "From-the-OUTSIDE" ...
I can SEE that MANY Good-Folks NEED: The RULES which "busy-body"-Community-Members IMPOSE-UPON-Them !!!
--> Just SEE: How Terribly-RAPIDLY: Ireland Has Tragically-DETERIORATED: ONCE THESE: "Christianity"-"Bullying"-Aspects were: Counteracted !!! :-o (and REPLACED-WITH: ((("Globo-Homo"))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-( )

At its Most-Basic: A Church-Gathering is "simply": A Meeting-Group Like "CLUB" where: in-Real-Life: Folks Locally can: HELP and STRENGTHEN Each Other!

And, What's MORE: jews Really Really HATE: "Christians" ... as "Christians" basically-MEANS: WHITES!
(Non-Whites CANNOT be ANYTHING but: "Christians"-in-NAME-ONLY !!!)

--> It is a VERY Difficult thing: For Folks to DEPROGRAM From: "I am NOT a 'Racist'!" etc. (((Programming)))!

ONCE we CAN SEE: That: jews, and Blacks-(and Browns, and Yellows) are indeed VERY DIFFERENT to OurSelves ... and, as "Parasites": "FEED-OFF" of US, and thus DEMAND: As a "Human-Right": "Access"-to-WHITE-People / Nations ...

And that THEY SEE THEIR "Interests" to be Served: At-OUR-Expense ... even-Our-Brutal-Torturous-DEMISE!
... And are NOW, Thus: Self-Sworn-ENEMIES of Especially: White-MEN ... and A Wonderful-FUTURE for WHITE-Children ...

"clever"-("Important" Divide-and-Rule)-"Ideas" are thus relegated ... to a FAR FAR Lower-Priority!
-- Just as "Individually" ... WITHOUT Having-CHILDREN ... "WEALTH" can Have NO-Real-Meaning ... (As WE can DIE at ANY moment!)
-- So The FUTURE of WHITE-Children ... is ALL that HAS Any TRUE-VALUE to US!

--> Which MAKES: Various-"Formula": POISON-("Gene-Altering")-DEATH-Injections ...
Soooo UNIMAGINABLY THREATENING: To the FUTURE of WHITE-People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such that: Even THINKING of ANYTHING-Else ... is Very Difficult now !!!

As it can be SAID:
A jew ... Going-along-the-Street ... Setting-FIRE ... to One-HOME-After-Another ..... "Successfully" .... 😮
A jew ... Lying and Lying and Lying .... "Successfully" GETTING: Our-FOLK to BE: Injected-with-POISON ... DEATH! 😮

--> The POISON-("Gene-Altering")-DEATH-Injections ... is an ASSULT by the (((self-"chosens"))) ...
That WAS in-many-ways UN-EXPECTED (Though indeed a "variation" of: POISONING-the-Well! etc.) ...
...... And Fiendishly-"clever" ... and DEVASTATING !!!

Not-ONLY in "Watching" soooo MANY of OUR-Precious-People and CHILDREN !!!
... "Taking" the INJECTION ...
But, in QUESTIONING: WHAT will be LEFT .... for US to Even: CARE-About .... as a Con-Sequence OF-such ?!!! :-o

One Way .... or Another ...... This is Indeed: a "Spiritual"-BATTLE ...

And, CERTAINLY: Just as a LOVING-Parent "simply" MUST: PREVENT:

Their Precious Children ... FROM:
"Jumping/Running in-front-of-a-Car!" or
"Getting into a (((stranger's))) Van!"

--> We "Simply"-MUST: PRESERVE the WHITE-RACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- As NOTHING-ELSE without-This ... will Even-MATTER, without-such -- at All !!! :-o

It is an "Existential" (((threat))) indeed !!! 😮

🌝 🌚 🌞

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NotBergStein 10 months ago

THIS is my BitChute-Channel:

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