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12 ACH (1592) Dr. Lorraine Day – The Deliberate Destruction Of America And The World #12 - August-31

Published on 31 Aug 2021 / In Conspiracies

⁣Doctor Lorraine Day Summarizes Section-12:
⁣The Glorious Outcome (Conclusion of Series)

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NotBergStein 1 year ago

"Christianity" is a BIG, and "button-Pushing" Topic! ;-)

Dr. Lorraine Day is indeed GREAT at "naming"-the-jew !!! :-)
--> And, it is THEN: Not very Difficult for Folks to PUT-the-Other-"Pieces"-together ... at WHAT: MUST Now thus be "DONE"! :-)

I am Fortunate, in that Decades ago: I Firmly-Resolved: That I DIDN'T want to be Subjected to: "Middleman"-CULT-Manipulations ... of ANY-Sort! -- And thus, Looking at: Organised-"Christianity": "From-the-OUTSIDE" ...
I can SEE that MANY Good-Folks NEED: The RULES which "busy-body"-Community-Members IMPOSE-UPON-Them !!!
--> Just SEE: How Terribly-RAPIDLY: Ireland Has Tragically-DETERIORATED: ONCE THESE: "Christianity"-"Bullying"-Aspects were: Counteracted !!! :-o (and REPLACED-WITH: ((("Globo-Homo"))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-( )

At its Most-Basic: A Church-Gathering is "simply": A Meeting-Group Like "CLUB" where: in-Real-Life: Folks Locally can: HELP and STRENGTHEN Each Other!

And, What's MORE: jews Really Really HATE: "Christians" ... as "Christians" basically-MEANS: WHITES!
(Non-Whites CANNOT be ANYTHING but: "Christians"-in-NAME-ONLY !!!)

--> It is a VERY Difficult thing: For Folks to DEPROGRAM From: "I am NOT a 'Racist'!" etc. (((Programming)))!

ONCE we CAN SEE: That: jews, and Blacks-(and Browns, and Yellows) are indeed VERY DIFFERENT to OurSelves ... and, as "Parasites": "FEED-OFF" of US, and thus DEMAND: As a "Human-Right": "Access"-to-WHITE-People / Nations ...

And that THEY SEE THEIR "Interests" to be Served: At-OUR-Expense ... even-Our-Brutal-Torturous-DEMISE!
... And are NOW, Thus: Self-Sworn-ENEMIES of Especially: White-MEN ... and A Wonderful-FUTURE for WHITE-Children ...

"clever"-("Important" Divide-and-Rule)-"Ideas" are thus relegated ... to a FAR FAR Lower-Priority!
-- Just as "Individually" ... WITHOUT Having-CHILDREN ... "WEALTH" can Have NO-Real-Meaning ... (As WE can DIE at ANY moment!)
-- So The FUTURE of WHITE-Children ... is ALL that HAS Any TRUE-VALUE to US!

--> Which MAKES: Various-"Formula": POISON-("Gene-Altering")-DEATH-Injections ...
Soooo UNIMAGINABLY THREATENING: To the FUTURE of WHITE-People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such that: Even THINKING of ANYTHING-Else ... is Very Difficult now !!!

As it can be SAID:
A jew ... Going-along-the-Street ... Setting-FIRE ... to One-HOME-After-Another ..... "Successfully" .... 😮
A jew ... Lying and Lying and Lying .... "Successfully" GETTING: Our-FOLK to BE: Injected-with-POISON ... DEATH! 😮

--> The POISON-("Gene-Altering")-DEATH-Injections ... is an ASSAULT by the (((self-"chosens"))) ...
That WAS in-many-ways UN-EXPECTED (Though indeed a "variation" of: POISONING-the-Well! etc.) ...
...... And Fiendishly-"clever" ... and DEVASTATING !!!

Not-ONLY in "Watching" soooo MANY of OUR-Precious-People and CHILDREN !!!
... "Taking" the INJECTION ...
But, in QUESTIONING: WHAT will be LEFT .... for US to Even: CARE-About .... as a Con-Sequence OF-such ?!!! :-o

One Way .... or Another ...... This is Indeed: a "Spiritual"-BATTLE ...

And, CERTAINLY: Just as a LOVING-Parent "simply" MUST: PREVENT:

Their Precious Children ... FROM:
"Jumping/Running in-front-of-a-Car!" or
"Getting into a (((stranger's))) Van!"

--> We "Simply"-MUST: PRESERVE the WHITE-RACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- As NOTHING-ELSE without-This ... will Even-MATTER, without-such -- at All !!! :-o

It is an "Existential" (((threat))) indeed !!! 😮

🌝 🌚 🌞

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