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Published on 14 Apr 2021 / In Jewish Question

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Damon V Obitchuary

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TruthPrevails 3 months ago

This guys is a jewy as they get. He doesn't even remotely look Aryan - just another ugly kike-faced faggot grifting of ignorant followers. Pathetic.

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san_nicola 4 months ago

It very much pisses me off, how the Jews invent shit, but push that shit as if it was something very good, i mean they take that shit and wrap it in a very beautiful wrap.
They invented the Feminism, but allegedly couldn't tell us the whole truth about it ! Bloody cowards !
No...Feminism is just about equality for women...We only want the right to vote and some other rights, and then we will calm down once and for all...
They also invented the LGBT shit, but again ! Were too chickens to tell the whole truth about it !
No...We only want our rights...The right to sodomize each other at home...We will stop blocking half of your city with our parades, when we get all the rights we demand...
They also invented Communism, but then again ! Were too chickens to tell the whole truth about it !
No...Communism is equality...Peace and brotherhood and unity...Everyone is equal and nobody abuses nobody...
They must have told us right away "We invented Feminism, because we want to go against nature and ruin the perfect relations between the genders and ruin the nuclear family".
"We invented LGBT, because we want to force everyone to be LGBT ! First it will be a right, but then it will be an obligation !".
"We invented communism because we are sick fucks who want to abuse and control everyone !".

And that's another reason why Jews must die.
They don't know how to play a fair game, and if you don't know how to play a fair game, you're a cheater, and all cheaters must die ! Period !

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_VAX_ROBOTS 4 months ago


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