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2030 You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy - WEF Original Vid .. [False Zion Plan]

Published on 24 Aug 2022 / In Conspiracies

⁣WEF 2030 - 8 predictions [2016] translated:

(1) Whatever you want you'll rent [*If your social credit score is in order]

(2) The US won't be -- A 'superstate' will rule the earth [i.e. the antichrist would-be zion-kingdom-kome ZKK - *book of Revelation will kick in though when it gets here]

(3) Regular human to be replaced by 'enhanced super human'

(4) No meat for the 'unenhanced' slave class - they shall be kept weak and powerless

(5) A billion people will be displaced by fake 'climate change' [force relocated to 'hunger games' cities] -- Populations to be mixed separate identity of any sort for any - only 'global citizens' i.e minions

(6) No carbon - i.e. personal vehicles, travel, power plants, etc. (so called 'fossil fuels' to be 'history')

(7) Find "alien life" - i.e transhumanism aka the real truth possesion by devils 666

(8) The 'old order' gone for good

⁣- That's the plan in their own words deciphered

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