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4 horrifying reptilian shapeshifters caught on tv - dark matter

Published on 07 Sep 2021 / In Video Vault
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Deemax 21 days ago

It's funny how satan has always been referenced as a snake/serpent...Bible references for snakes/reptiles is often associated with evil beings...

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Soldier1 21 days ago

I listen to some YouTube channels that report strange occurrences, etc., and in one incident some campers were approached by an odd, very tall man. He asked them repeatedly where the people were who had been there before them. They had no clue. The guy was driving a station wagon and he stated he got it "from the town it came from". Since they thought they'd seen a Bigfoot the night before, they were now ready to go. The woman kept asking her husband if he'd seen the scales around the man's eyes. He said no. But she was so creeped out by the person's scaly skin that she just wanted to leave asap.

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