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4 Whores In LA Arrested During Pro Baby-Kill Protest After They Pour Blood 'The Shining' Style All Over The Steps Of City Hall

Published on 09 Jul 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Four women were arrested in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday during a "die-in" protest that included spilling fake blood down the steps of Los Angeles City Hall.

The group RiseUp4AbortionRights staged a "die-in" in which four of the demonstrators chained themselves to the front of City Hall in a "river of fake blood" and wore bloody pants "to represent the women who will die due to the Supreme Court ruling overturning the legal right to abortion," according to organizers.

It's too bad these low-IQ knuckle-draggers don't realize that killing the baby in the womb is still very much legal in California, even up to birth.

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wnc817 1 month ago

I agree with them. Kill all nigger babies.

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BasedAndAwake 1 month ago

they're paid to do this and will get bailed by finkelstein foundation

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whitepride73 2 months ago

I'm going to miss eating abortions on toast every morning, seeing as I live in the east end part of town and have no money and go dumpster diving every other day. I found a nice dumpster beside an abortion clinic where the meat is pretty fresh and not too rancid or diced up. Sigh.

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happyapple4 2 months ago

It's one big fat lie that women were dying from botched abortions. There is much research on this propaganda of the dirty seedy abortionist when it was illegal. Abortion is not a right. There is no such thing as a right. Do you have a right to breathe? No it is what you do as a living human animal. Those women are clueless as they give control to the government over their bodies. They're still asking the government to "allow" them to do something, in this case, it is abortions. They are also clueless about the psychological fallout from that disgusting "medical procedure. "Abortion causes depression, suicidal ideation, guilt-it changes the course of a woman's life. It's a bad trajectory.

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TruthSeeker16 3 months ago

I'd gladly kill all four of them so we don't have to hear their big mouths anymore especially the negresse whore. Niggers are pathetic.

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