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5G - "It's All Coming Together"

Published on 20 Nov 2022 / In Conspiracies


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DARRYL DUNCAN 8 days ago

I wonder if there had been studies like this when our government was passing laws to allow us to be imprisoned wrongfully, if they had calculated the numbers of Whites they'd be killing.

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IsraelIsChristian2 11 days ago

I specialize in radio. In my opinion eating foods and wearing clothing that inhibits radiation is important today. In my own distillation process for good country water sources I notice an inordinate amount of metals from weather modification coming down with rain water. It seems they’re putting it in everything with 5 g. It is like smoking the effects are gradual. Best to adopt healthy habits like buying cloths which inhibit radiation to lessen daily exposer.

I often show people whats left behind from the water i filter and the majority of it is graphene/heavy metal. It lessens between sources.. Public water is worst/ gravity fed is better/ river water best..

The combination of heavy metals with 5g is designed to kill in my opinion

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