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9/11 - CGI Planes?

Published on 25 Sep 2021 / In 911

⁣ CGI Planes?

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mayonez 18 days ago

No planes were used !! And yes its not that important in terms of the bigger picture jews and stuff .

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mayonez 17 days ago

My friend ur showing us a jewish cgi chopper clip. and why the camera is moving away and zooming in like in the other clip with the nose of the "plain" coming out !! I don't see a plain at all. if anything, added and blured cgi of something . and the burning side of the building its just a blown out building part and not aircraft section !

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Zetetic Flat Earth
Zetetic Flat Earth 11 days ago

@mayonez: There were no planes but the second tower got hit by this mysterious round flying object and one guy did a total analysis on it. When I recall his name I'll give you the link. So, what they did later, they painted a jet over that flying object...

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Swami_G 27 days ago

Enough with the CGI planes bullshit already. It doesn't matter... it's not helpful... and not provable. There are PLENTY of *provable* FACTS concerning the 9-11 conspiracy (no theory) that anyone pushing the CGI planes bullshit is, essentially, controlled opposition to undermine the credibility of all the rest.

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Zetetic Flat Earth
Zetetic Flat Earth 11 days ago

Wake up, alright? The only bullshit here is you! 9/11 gave them a green light to invade other countries and do whatever the hell they want in the name of terrorism and safety and compliance including coalition forces! My ASS! If you don't understand 9/11 then you don't understand anything else! The truth is there were no planes, the truth is all the buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition! And the truth is you're evidently an idiot if you're bashing others for exposing the lies and manipulations of all those sick mother fuckers in power who kill millions and destroy our way of life every single day! They are parasites! And if you can't see it, then you're the parasite too! Scumbag!

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mikaowx 10 days ago (edited)

@Zetetic Flat Earth: The same people who perpetrated this act are employing people to come up with fake scenarios to confuse, mislead and divide seekers. They entrusted some academic of nuclear science to publish a scientific report that the twins were brought down by nuclear explosions. I've read into the report. Never happened. They picked this Dr. Jew-dy Wood to spread the false theory that the government used a secret weapon operated from satellites to pulverize the buildings. Nope. I bet they are responsible for the cgi plane version too. We have our theories how this could have been done but none of this matters. In the end it doesn't matter how exactly was all that done. What matters is who did it and why. Thousands have seen the planes on that day, everyday people like you and me.

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bannedforhatespeech 28 days ago

9/11 was an Israeli job.

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