9/11 - How does the top of the south tower explode?

Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In 911

How does the top of the south tower explode? If this wasnt a controlled demolition then what destroyed the top of the building with nothing above it to crush it? It explodes right in front of your eyes.

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 2 years ago

this cost 3 trillion dollars !!!!!

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HereAmI 2 years ago

It is always extremely tempting to explain something from the basis of what you already know, and to shoehorn everything into a familiar narrative - in this case, "explosions" from a pre-rigged building.
But video of the event show things happening which cannot happen according to what we know; eg the debris as it falls, is seen to be coming apart as it does so, and "dustifying."
The best analysis of the events of that day are from Dr Judy Wood, at her w/s "Where Did The Towers Go?", because assuredly, what was left on the ground after the collapses was only a tiny fraction of the material these buildings originally were constituted from.
It is known that EM radiation can be combined to molecularly dissociate solid materials; and this seems to be what was mostly used, although I do not have any problem with assuming that some explosives were planted, perhaps so as to distract observers from the primary methodology.

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2 years ago

cold fusion

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