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911 Harley-Shirt Guy on Street Tells It Immediately 'Structural Failure Because Fire Too Intense'

Published on 06 Sep 2022 / In 911

Harley-shirt guy has the explanation - the official narrative - immediately - just moments after the fact


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Saxxx 1 month ago

Mike Walsh Fox news there saying what NIST took a year to find out WTC 1-7 all destroyed that day

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Konrad 7 months ago

Lying, deceiving masonic cunt

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happyapple4 7 months ago

FOX-33 freemasonic gematris...there were no planes

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ScaredWhite 7 months ago

How about this?:
1. mossad outside collecting footage (had to be day of because conspiracy theorists would realize footage is not shot day of)
2. footage is rushed in and edited and the official narrative is put together
3. 'Guy working for Fox' either has a death wish (no way they wanted him to be the one to release the official narrative, especially the 'exploding through the other side' and 'fire caused structural failure' portion of touchups for conspiracy theorists) or a disguised genius; his day-of statement was a bombshell if you had any discernment in you.

The LORD dwells in uncertainty; where you fear.

Kenneth Weiss: Things genes can’t do - Simplistic ideas of how "genes ‘cause’ traits" are no longer viable: life is an orderly collection of uncertainties.

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DaleHess1967 7 months ago

I haven't seen that in a wile.

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