I am Gravely Disappointed, Once again someone made me unleash my Dogs Of War, If you upload movies and fail to see if it is under DMCA Dominion and I get a complaint from Jews that run Hollywood...You get deleted Forthwith, Danke.

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This man has a crazy IDEA - "Burn The Trees of Death"

Published on 24 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

just for my own knowledge base i wonder what the easiest and most effective way of burning these towers down would be...

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PeterSlanger 4 months ago

to answer your question mr.hocuspocusfocus, it depends on the tower. In particular, the tower shown in the video looks to be galvanized steel so no chance of burning it down. However, the goal should be to disable it, not "burn it down" specifically. This could be done many ways with a tower of that type,nearly indestructable.fuck the tower itself, its the antenna arrays that are important. You could simply walk up and cut the cables going up the pole to them. When they fix them, which will be a pain in the ass for them, just go cut them should only take a few seconds to cut them if you have agood set of cutters. It will take them a couple hours to fix. Do enough of these withalso burning down the ones capable of burning, and they wont have the manpower to keep up.

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XOTFAJ100 4 months ago

Hire some street niggers and give them a very sharp axe and tell them they will get 100 dollars if they walk up to the tower and chop one of the huge black insulated cables , that are carrying tens of thousands of volts.

This method is the most effective way of bringing down the FAJ / SOS / GOG , towers of death and their predatory rapists and mass murderers of white's.

It's a Win Win Solution to the atmospheric and ground based pollution !

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Freedom 4 months ago

This is why they make these poles out of concrete and metal. People in England were burning them down.

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4 months ago

Did you see the vid where a whistleblower gave the code to punch in for a particular state that shuts them off
individually? I've forgotten which state he was in; Florida or Texas. You punch it in on a keypad. He gave a four digit number.

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hocuspocusfocus 4 months ago

i think they need more than shutting off

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BrantfordNews 4 months ago

I believe it was 2514 for the padlock code in Florida and it lets you simply flip switches with no damage to the equipment.

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bannedforhatespeech 4 months ago

a few molotov cocktails should do it.

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