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New Year Speech from Hitler the Great

White Power
Published on 04 Jan 2022 / In History

Video by Immersion.
⁣I am a Aryan National Socialist Christian Racialist, i promote Aryan UNITY as best i can, so if anyone comes to my channel posting anti-Christ and/or anti-Hitler lies which only causes division among our folk, they will be exposed for the jew subversive bitches they are and blocked. Thats the only warning you get. Now, LOVE your Aryan brothers (if in fact you are an Aryan) no matter what religious beliefs you hold, do NOT insult any Aryans religious beliefs here (except non-White phony shit like judaism and islam and satan worship). We have an entire planet full of non-white SHIT trying to murder us out of existence and jews pretending to be White come around ONLY to cause MORE fucking trouble among us, and it wont be tolerated here. Oh yeah, for you pussy jews that would cry "but muh freedumb of speech (for evil jews)", i say fuck you and your subversive bullshit, it should NOT be and NEVER will be tolerated by me!!

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PLEASE help to spread this healing truth to awaken ALL your Aryan brothers and sisters!!!!!!!

Alle Juden müssen sterben!!!!!!!

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DTTSOSXXX 4 months ago

Live Long and Prosper Fellow Aryan Brethren ! 🤚

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Arier53 5 months ago

Would we nowadays listen to such a great New Year Speech? Unthinkable, instead we have to waste our time with lies, which are every year more far away from the truth. Thanks, Comrade, and a Good 2022 for you.

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White Power
White Power 4 months ago

Very true kindred, and thank you, hope you have a happy 2022 also. :)

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Tiger Zwei
Tiger Zwei 5 months ago

Heil Hitler! Thank you for uploading this brother.

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White Power
White Power 4 months ago

No problem at all brother, i'm glad there are decent people around that still want to hear it. Had we all listened to him to begin with, we wouldnt be in the mess we are today (had we rose up and overthrown the jew controlled governments of our all-lied White nations back then).

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Jailer 5 months ago

Hail victory!

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PrussianEmpress 5 months ago

Happy New Year, Sir. Thank you, never seen before.

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Arthur the Wise
Arthur the Wise 5 months ago

Happy New Year to you too! :)

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White Power
White Power 5 months ago

Happy new year sister, and you're very welcome. :)

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