The WTV Team will be running diagnostics very soon to solve the problem some are having with uploads, We have Weathered a storm recently that some have never came back from my brothers and sisters and I am proud of all the support the members here gave me during the event, Danke.

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nigger Bitches Throw a White Child to the Ground and then give the nigger Child a pass.

Published on 08 Jan 2022 / In Niggers

niggers are FOUL!

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Barbaryan 19 days ago

That be one dead nigger.

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southern1861 4 months ago

I like to see someone push that fat nigger around. That's if they can move her fat ass. Just shoot that fat nigger bitch

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frogman 4 months ago

A nigger female teacher hit me on the nose and mouth thus making me bleed profusely!I was barely 6 years old! All because I did quiet down fast enough, I recall that I was a shy, and very quiet. Kid, most likely the black racist bitch hurt me for the hell of it!! I fucking hate human beings, especially blacks!!!!!!

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Deemax 4 months ago

This nigger is behaving naturally for its kind...civilized behavior from these wretched cursed animals goes against their grain...they love it when they have opportunity to behave the full parasite...

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a non
a non 4 months ago


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