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Horst Müller
Published on 25 Jul 2020 / In Film & Animation

The satanic beast in the EUssR

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AliceIsWondering 2 years ago


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Teutonicbeauty 2 years ago

Yes, this evil french kike is insane, and should be considered extremely dangerous! Anyhow, Horst, some guy who lives in Australia, but is more than likely of British descent, downvoted me on a Hitler speech video concerning the British and their terror night bombings, he is another clown who believes these crimes were all done by jews and blames jews only - when I told him the british are to blame also, he insulted me and said that I was disrespecting my German people because the Germans just let the jews right in and LET them takeover Germany! I let him have it, and gave him a brief history lesson, Horst, and at the end, I called him a scoundrel! I am done writing and working with MOST brits, they, like the poles, will never admit their willful, horrific mass murders against our peoples, and then, they stab you in the back! You and Chris, Luisa, Goyhard, Rocket67, Luisa Schmidt, and MaHann, are my true German friends! I love all of you! Ich Liebe Dich, Horst - you are a great guy!

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