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1980's australian way of life - work hard / party hard ... jews will never understand

Published on 16 Oct 2021 / In How-to & Style

so nice to see white folks getting on the piss together in the early 80's before diversity and pc culture fucked it all up..
vb beer commercial 80's

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aLIFEofLIES 7 months ago

Wearing shorts on a concrete crew? lol I had a young guy his first day on the job wearing shorts and flip flops. Turned out to be a hard worker but wasn’t reliable. Cost me money.

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livingman 7 months ago

back then there was a real ' i don't give a fuk attitude ' and life was quite simple. It's so regulated now you pretty much have to do a 4 hour training course just to use a shovel.

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sparks32 5 months ago

@livingman : I haven't ever heard anyone say Australia is better now then it was back then.

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livingman 5 months ago

@sparks32: ask any white person in any western country if things are better now than yesteryear, and you will receive a resounding " no ! " the only "yes" replies will be jews, politicians, feminists, trannies, and faggots.

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