I am Gravely Disappointed, Once again someone made me unleash my Dogs Of War, If you upload movies and fail to see if it is under DMCA Dominion and I get a complaint from Jews that run Hollywood...You get deleted Forthwith, Danke.

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White South African smashes black

Published on 11 Jun 2021 / In Niggers

⁣White South African smashes black

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4PointedSun 10 months ago

They cant fight by themselves...only in a troop.

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Fryer 10 months ago

Ja nee kyk... daai boertjie het hom hard gepoes😂🤣

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BrianGrossman 10 months ago

if the nigger would have won he would have kicked and stomped the white boys head in. white people have class!

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underrepresented 9 months ago

Our class is not serving us in any way. Severe brutality would go a long way to fixing our problems. I am not condoning violence, just observing how our enemies are winning, by using savage and brutal methods against us. We could keep our class in tact, however, in refraining from the rapes that blacks and jews are known for.

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RGNRK 11 months ago

Those White sluts running up to the nigger just shows that White females have no White Racial Loyalty!!! They must all be brought back to under the domination of White Men, or they will ALWAYS compromise and betray us!!!

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Raymo1 11 months ago

Future hero right there. Give that young man a beer and a hooker. He earned it.

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underrepresented 9 months ago

That sounds like exactly what the jews want for whites. Here, goy, have some degenerate sex and get drunk. Give him a country without blacks and a woman for childbearing...that's what this young man deserves.

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