The WTV Team will be running diagnostics very soon to solve the problem some are having with uploads, We have Weathered a storm recently that some have never came back from my brothers and sisters and I am proud of all the support the members here gave me during the event, Danke.

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Old footage of Hilary Clinton indirectly endorsing a One World Govt.

Published on 20 Sep 2020 / In Police State / J.W.O.

The invention of video/film never lets people forget. This is who she is.

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Allophylian 4 months ago

How you ever voted for this bogan sheila cunt is beyond me. What
the fuck is the matter with you?

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4 months ago

Folly is men thinking they own the world. Lmao!

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Allophylian 9 months ago

If God wanted Globalism - He would have let The Tower of babel succeed.
Satan wants it. I hope this bitch really did hang

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