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A Quebec talk show celebrates young children ratting out unvaccinated people to the police (Video)

Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

Quebec, Canada

Very sick episode from the tv talk show in Quebec "La Semaine des 4 Julie" (Hosted by Quebec-based tv show host Julie Snyder) being aired on Quebec-based channel Noovo, owned by Bell Media (e.g., CTV News)

Source: ⁣ (The Post Millenial)

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Wicked01 4 months ago

Sheeple see this as entertainment, stupid blind mofo’s…if they bothered to fkin think they’d know straight up kids don’t give a shit about it.

It’s cunt adults that manipulate kids, like pedo’s to do, Greta is a fine example of that!
Let kids be kids & enjoy their youth you fkin stupid fkin evil cunts.

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BrantfordNews 4 months ago

I wish Canadians would unite and follow me out of this Jew world shit hole of a mindset.

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ShortieLeeroy 4 months ago

This is child abuse being normalised.

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ytrebiLeurT 4 months ago

These children have serious signs of degenerative brain damage, the adults are already adapted to their damaged brains...

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DeathToJWO 4 months ago

Nothing more disgusting than them brainwashing kids to push their genocide.

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