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Lily The Liar 1-19-22

Published on 19 Jan 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

Another HoloHuxster telling their LIES

⁣HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR TESTIMONY: “Most of the memoirs and reports of Holocaust survivors are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks…” –Samuel Gringauz, “Jewish Social Studies” (New York), January 1950, Vol. 12, p6.

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smartarse34 4 months ago

"Missing the propeller" LMAO :-)

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nonstopwarfare 4 months ago

What a feed of shit, let's hope she's still alive when we get the reins

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Phantasm101 4 months ago

funny 6 million Jews were holocaust two times in history, the final solution such a load of crap the German's could kill millions of Russians and Americans but could''t figure out how to kill a handful of Jews.

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