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When Two Genders Just Isn't Enough

Published on 05 Jan 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda

⁣When Two Genders Just Isn't Enough

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happyapple4 3 months ago

These people are fucked up. Sickening!

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happyapple4 3 months ago

The mother is mentally ill. She is abusing her son who was born a boy, will always be a boy. His biology is male. and he will never be a she.

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Titanomachy 4 months ago

I have yet to see a single lefty nutcase couple that DOESN'T have at least one tranny kid. Isn't is so sickening how there are thousands upon thousands of healthy, sane White heterosexual couples who would make great parents that are unable to conceive nowadays while degenerate freaks like this who clearly have a combination of low testosterone levels on the part of the numales and low estrogen levels on the part of the birth control-popping, obese, blue-haired feminists are somehow able to have children. I wish more of these freaks would have bottom surgery, that way they at least wouldn't be able to have children they abuse like this. Bet most of them engage in incestuous pedophilia too. If you're willing to throw your kid's future under the bus and basically guarantee that they die in their 40s at the latest of suicide (in fact the alternative is even worse, there's nothing more gross and pathetic than elderly trannies) then I can't put anything past you, including raping children. It's not like the former is any less traumatic than the latter. Desmond is Amazing gets openly pimped out by his mom and her boyfriend who likes fucking him. You can book him for private engagements on the website his mother set up and his weight and height measurements and eye color are listed just like on a prostitute's backpage ad. His mother and the pedo faggot living with them are allowed to openly prostitute Desmond as an escort with impunity. Child Protective Services has categorically decided to do nothing in this situation, regardless of the thousands of letters written to them about how Desmond has been drugged and allowed to hang out with a convicted murderer, pimped out on stage at a gay club, and made to wear extremely revealing, highly sexualizing costumes. His mother and that faggot know exactly what they're doing dressing him up in such a way and coaching him how to act like a slutty adult woman to make pedophiles sexually aroused. On the left is is considered a pretty tame, uncontroversial opinion to think children are sexually attractive, some movie critics literally even said that was the point of Cuties, saying disgusting shit about how "sexy" the prepubescent girls in the film were, I think it was a Frenchmen or French-speaking kike or something. The left doesn't get the least bit outraged about child rapists being let off with five year or less sentences in the rare case that they even get charged and convicted at all, but they DO flip shit about "hate speech" on the internet. I really do despise these people. So cowardly and morally repugnant how these fuckers that force the new gender-bending ideology on their toddlers invariably use their own children as human shields to deflect criticism launched at THEM! They receive comments talking about how sorry they feel for a child being mistreated in this way and how horrifyingly abusive their parenting is and the slimy bastards run and tell their own children "See all these comments? These are examples of "hate speech" from people who hate you. Yup, they just hate you for no good reason. You have so much to fear out in the world, so many people will want to hurt you just because of the way you were born." Nobody told you to show that shit to your kid and tell them it's over their choices! It's over your choices you fucking weasels! Goddamnit that scapegoating of their own children pisses me off. They'd rather further traumatize their child by gaslighting them into believing a lifestyle which the parents' detractors rightly recognize was forced upon the child was completely their idea and that these people who are actually concerned for their well-being and criticizing their parents for mistreating them simply hate them, as if there's this huge faction of people who hates toddlers that get groomed into this lifestyle. It's like if a child molester deflected criticism by acting like the people insulting them were shaming their child victims instead, pretending as though they're leaping to the child's defence against a crowd of bigots who hate them for no reason. Pedos have actually tried this strategy to an extent, claiming that the trauma from children being raped by adults actually comes from the societal reaction to this degeneracy. That represents what I feel is the very core of leftist philosophy: that traditional morality is the only true evil that exists, and everything which was ever traditionally conceived of as wicked and unnatural is actually something that should be celebrated while all of the traits we used to hold up as virtues should be disregarded as "far right extremism" or whatever. The left represents the perverse impulse to value novelty to the point of demeaning the normal and functional, to place a premium on subversiveness for its own sake, to continually be in a chaotic state of revolution and so-called "progress", viewing stability and reliability as some kind of bad things somehow. "That's outdated" they say of ideas and institutions that actually worked properly, that actually dealt with reality as is rather than pretending the universalist liberal pipe dream is possible.
And why is it that even with all the White couples not having children there have to be so many leftist White couples that still have kids just to ruin them and end their bloodline with hormone replacement therapy or whatever. The fact that female (pretending to be men) trannies still somehow conceive their Satanic spawn with their low-T boyfriends perplexes and enrages me. If there is ever a good time for White people to be sterile, it's when they're leftist nutcases who will just horribly abuse whatever White children they have together anyways. And every time I hear someone complain about being the target of "online abuse" I roll by eyes and scoff. Oh boo hoo, you and everyone else that has ever used the internet has been sent death threats and whatnot. The difference when someone like us gets a death threat is 1) we aren't such spoiled, coddled wimps that we would bitch about something so trivial and 2) even if we did, the media establishment and the useful idiots that follow their lead would double down on those threats, I mean mainstream journalists openly incited violence from their massive platforms reaching millions of impressionable, conformist lemmings to go out and attack "Nazis" like us, and the left believes violence is a perfectly appropriate response to us saying things they don't like, but act like we're committing a heinous crime if any of us so much as defend ourselves from assault and attempted murder. So sick of Jew world.

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Heil1933 5 months ago

We need to gas these things.

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can i identify as a gas chamber

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Truthload 5 months ago

Brandon frazier!🤣🤣🤣 omg.yeah maybe a disclaimer about the horrors that await while watchinglol.and a warning that at the end that you will hate jews even more after watching

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