I am pleased to announce Ral9010NatSoc & Victory Or Valhall as Admins here at WTV, Both are trusted friends and Fair men of Honor and Loyalty. I will be adding in some Female moderators to help out with the women here at WTV very soon. I have heard murmurs of women being harassed and stalked here at WTV and I won't have it. Also I will be announcing a new platform soon as well as some rule changes here at WTV, Danke

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⁣ It's Okay To Be White

Published on 16 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣ It's Okay To Be White

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Jerry Howe
Jerry Howe 5 months ago

It's better than okay... It's righteous!

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AryanRooster 5 months ago

It’s naturally ok for a polar bear to be a polar bear, a sheep to be a sheep, a beluga whale to be a beluga whale and a snow leopard to be a snow leopard. They don’t only hate white because of a skincolor or color itself, but because it is a divine symbol of immortal light that shines brighter through the threatening darkness that consumes all life! God wants us to be white, the devil doesn’t!

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AppalachianAmerican 5 months ago

Damn...that was simply awesome.

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NOLAWULF 5 months ago

It's not just OK, it's fucking glorious!!!

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Spectralwulf 5 months ago

It's amazing how a simple statement of truth posted on the streets can send the enemedia into a tailspin of damage control that may even backfire on them. There needs to be more ideas for truth bomb flyers or perhaps stickers that can't be easily scratched off. The sleep-walkers need to awaken while the words of prophets should be on walls and lampposts everywhere.

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