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Excellencies: "We Know what Must be Done".

Published on 20 Nov 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

Well? As the White genocide continues on, the UN Guy threatens the West, with...?

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nonstopwarfare 6 months ago

Death to fat, weak, deluded old men who live in a dream , bring them the nightmare they fear

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Yeh, I know of a solution! How about we hang all these motherfuckers!!!

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momento 6 months ago

No solution put forth about how a city will get it;s baseload power if there's no coal-fired station operating. Solar panels? LOL!!!!

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Blablablablatron 6 months ago

What he is saying is that a small group of international elite should be in charge of the entire globe. This is the same one world government that (((they))) have wanted forever. Has nothing to do with the climate.

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6 months ago

Fuck this clown. Let what he plans for us return to him and his family sevenfold.

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