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Buying from Toyota means you're a Nazi!

Published on 10 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

from twitter
At least I'm not a nazi!!

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questeritorte 25 days ago

That's stupid.

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Prowhite 6 months ago

Nazis BUY their trucks from Toyota while Toyota gives their trucks to ISIS for free!

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IdahoBen 6 months ago

What's left? Ford donated 100 million to black live matter...GMC donated a large sum to them as well. I have not heard anything about Dodge.

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Bill 6 months ago

Nazi, proud of it. That man should watch Europa.

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Spectralwulf 6 months ago

He sounds like an Aussie. The policies of a Toyota dealership in Australia has little to do with Toyota corporation itself. Toyota can't change Australia's draconian covid policies imposed on businesses. The owner of the dealership must be a diaper-faced covid cunt that doesn't deserve the man's business anyway. All businesses that won't accommodate and instead discriminate against maskless pure-bloods deserve to be harassed or sued. They should suffer consequences for being treacherous, cowardly pricks of the system.

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