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Who Is A Jew

Published on 22 Aug 2020 / In Uncategorized

Source: Deprogramming Broadcast Network.

A short but revealing look into the history of those who call themselves *jews*

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frogman 2 months ago

4 tribes: whites, blacks, asians, and mixed peoples! No such thing as lost tribes of the jews, total religious bs!! Return to Odin and know true strength

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Mr. White Man
Mr. White Man 3 months ago

Hear is a intelligent intellectual thought for ya.

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Zetetic Flat Earth
Zetetic Flat Earth 3 months ago

You know, I actually don't agree with this theory anymore. Who fucken cares? A Jew is a Jew to me - the same fucked up on the head pedophile vampire and cannibal, think about it. I've come to conclusion that the Jew themselves came up with this nonsense so we don't pay attantion to what's the most important! Their "GOD" is an vicious killer psychopath demanding bloody sacrifices from innocent babies, children, adults and thousands of animals. Again, THE SAME FUCKED UP ON THE HEAD FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST!!! Do you understand? And I'm talking to all the people who are reading my comment. If you accept Jesus, then you must accept his psychopathic vicious killer father - the God of Old Testament. Do you get it? That's why, forget this Jewish Bible propaganda and Jesus, who was made up by Zionists so we become cowards like him, yet his "father" was a psycho diety... Capish? Think for yourself, be open minded, who are you kidding and who do you wanna be? A Jew? Be you and fight for the truth, for the reality because that's all that matters. Now, I can rest my case.

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MajorWood 1 year ago

Race mixing no-nos for dummies..

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rambetter 1 year ago

Thanks for this wonderful video.

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