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Cartoon Network's BLM Propaganda

Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi


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Skrelton 4 months ago

Gee, what ever happened to don't get into the business of any human no matter the race?

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DeathToJWO 4 months ago

Jews have to go, period. Every single last one of them need to be wiped from the face of the earth.

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momento 4 months ago

What is this bitch talking about? They are erasing White achievements and anyone important in history, right now. Dozens of statues and name changing of buildings and natural formations etc... and replacing them with nigger names and people. The grand erasure is happening under Biden - RIGHT NOW!!!

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Lass uns Seil holen
Lass uns Seil holen 4 months ago

Damn right. They're erasing our great history of civilization, literature, art, innovation, and exploration and replacing it with everything evil that's ever been done, which in actuality was mostly done by jews.

Now it seems that's not enough for them anymore, we're beig replaced everywhere, from education to the workplace, local and national govts of our own White Nations, our once fine great cities and our forefathers built now have an entirely new alien people living in them... many of our White Women have replaced their traditional ideas of a husband with either a career, a few cats or a black. The very few good White racial loyal Women aren't enough in numbers to maintain our continued existence.
In2 generations time, We'll be too few and despised persecuted minorities in lands we once ruled over uncontested.

It's on us. Us living here and now, we can't leave this for our grandchildren to fight for, they'll be 1% of the population by then.
Damn Boomers let things slip rom their control, and STILL NOW the useless boomer are hanging around uselessly inflating our true population demographics to make it appear we still are just in the majority in the West.

It's only those of fertile age or younger that truly count, and we right now are it. The last generation all hope rests on.

Saying that, I've just past 50 myself so my best is behind me. I don't wanna go in despair that all hope is lost.
I'll die happy so long as we are waking, starting to or actively fighting back against our FUKN Genocide.

Then we all may as well turn to fuckin pumpkins.

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momento 4 months ago

@Letsgetreal: Exactly right. I despair. Fuckin brainwashed kids. As long as they have the ability to buy what they want and get it quickly via mail order, they don;t care about anything else.

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